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Welcome to My Friend's House, a licensed childcare program.

Toddler Program

Learning begins from day one...

This age group requires a truly engaging environment; the children are much more mobile, some are transitioning from crawling to standing and even more are walking. By physically moving around and through social interactions they are experiencing their environment even more through their senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling). As they grow they become more independent and begin to interact more and more with each other. We will encourage their independence & exploration, while recognizing their needs for reassurance.  

Materials and activities available encourage gross and fine motor development, as well as sensory stimulation.  The children listen to music, as well as simple stories. They are encouraged to interact with each other and the caregiver in a variety of activities that stimulate their early language skills.  The children are introduced to the concept of communicating/getting their needs met by using American Sign Language, combined with verbal cues. Once they learn these skills they will be able to convey their meaning, minimizing frustration, even before they can talk.  

Our schedule includes a variety of fun activities, including “Circle Time” (reading stories, singing songs, learning letters/numbers….), simple arts and craft projects, and play times.  During these “playtime’s” the children learn how to use safe, challenging, and meaningful materials such as puzzles, blocks, toys, books, cars, etc.…. While they play with these items they will learn to share and interact with each other. Learning experiences are provided inside the classroom, as well as on the playground, where the toddlers are encouraged and supervised while using age appropriate outdoor toys. 

This warm, safe, and loving environment will give your child the confidence to explore and grow.  As children develop and change, we will offer an environment where the children may learn and explore more independently. This stage is typically seen as one of the most challenging, but we believe it is one of the most rewarding. Toddlers are very fun, mobile and active and they respond well to a regular daily routine with clear mealtimes, rest times, and play times.  We encourage the children at this stage to be independent while recognizing their need for frequent assistance and reassurance. They are beginning to learn important social skills and are introduced to the concepts of respect and caring for each other and themselves.   

Activities are designed to stimulate sensory development, as well as encourage small muscle skills development, hand-eye coordination, and large muscle development. We encourage them to explore all the classroom materials, helping them to make choices of activities on their own. They will also be introduced to a variety of monthly learning themes and projects.